Preparing Shoes for Consignment

Shoes are considered accessories. Please group them with other accessories (bags, hats, belts, and scarves).
  • Shoes must be brought in a reusable bag, do not put them in a garment bag.
  • Multiple pairs can be brought in one bag, so long as it can be tied and closed properly.
  • Please do not bring shoes in boxes.
  • Please wipe down all footwear before bringing it in (the outside and insoles as well). 
  • Please make sure the soles are not cracked.
  • We recommend washing the soles of sandals before bringing them in.
  • Please make sure the heels are in good shape.
  • Look over all footwear for any scuffs.
  • Consider the seasonality of the shoes. We do not accept many boots in the Spring/Summer (unless they are rubber), and we do not accept many open toed shoes in the Fall/Winter.

Preparing Leather and Suede

If some of your shoes are leather or suede, we recommend investing in a few products. Leather polish (in whatever colour you need) and mink oil for leather, and a suede brush and suede renew can make a huge difference. Keep in mind, the better condition the items are in the higher we can price them.

General Cleaning/Care

There are a few simple ways to clean up any footwear before bringing it in for consignment. Baby wipes are excellent for wiping down every part of a shoe, no matter the material. 

If you have white sneakers, or any sneakers with a white sole, magic erasers are excellent for cleaning them up. 

When storing shoes, especially leather, its best to not store them in plastic bins. While this method may be convenient, it dries out the leather, which causes it to crack.

Designer Shoes

If you have designer shoes you are looking to consign, such as Prada, Ferragamo, Tod’s, etc., we welcome any additional information you wish to provide. We also recommend taking extra care in preparing designer items. If a pair of shoes is too worn, there is a limit to how high we can price them, regardless of the make.