How can I become a consignor?

Our Become a Consignor page has information about the process of becoming a consignor. You can find it here.

Why can't I see the New Consignor form on your website?

The form is only available when we are accepting new consignors, so if you don't see it, it means it is not available, we are not accepting.

Do you buy items on the spot?

No, we sell on consignment only. Consignors get a percentage of the sale after the items has sold.

I'm an existing consignor, do I need an appointment to bring my items in?

If you have an account with us, you can bring your items in anytime within our intake dates. You can find more information here.

I need hangers and garment bags for my items, where can I get them?

We are happy to provide as many hangers and garment bags you may need. You can pick them up from the store anytime.

I have lots of swimwear, athletic wear, shorts, and tshirts. Do those need to be on hangers as well?

Yes, all clothing must be on a hanger.

How will I know if my items have sold?

You can email (theclothessecret@gmail.com) or call (613-730-9039) the store anytime to check the status of your account.

How does your pricing work?

The price is set based on the condition of the item, and it's original retail value. If something is brand new, with its original tags intact, we will likely price it at 75% of its original value. If it is gently used, we will price it 50% of it's original value.

How do your sales work?

Every item will have a different coloured tag. We post what tag colours are on sale and at what percentage around the store, and our staff is always happy to answer any questions.

How often do new things arrive on the floor?

During our intake periods (February - April and August - October) we will have new things arriving on the floor daily!

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we ship within Canada (through Canada Post) for a flat rate of $15.

I saw something I like online but can't make it into the store anytime soon. Can I pay for it ahead of time?

Yes, we accept payments by credit cards and etransfers, so you can pay for an item and pick it up at your convenience. 

I'm looking for a particular brand, how can I find it?

We can search for certain brands on our system and see what's available, as well as the size.

Where is a good place to get dry cleaning/repairs done?

Our go-to for dry cleaning and repairs is Capital Tailors. They are located in the Blue Heron Mall on bank street (where the Farmboy is, past Billings Bridge).

Do you have parking?

There is street parking available on both sides of Bank Street, as well as the side streets. Please note there is no parking on our side of Bank Street past 3:30 on weekdays.