Preparing Jewelry for Consignment

  • Please take some time to carefully look over any jewelry pieces you wish to consign.
  • Make sure all clasps and closures are working properly.
  • Please make sure there are no missing stones or beads.
  • When preparing your necklaces, please make sure there is no hair caught on the chain.
  • Please clean all jewelry before bringing it in.
  • Jewelry must be brought in individual ziplock bags. We are happy to provide some if you don’t wish to use your own or don’t have any.
  • If jewelry arrives in one large bag that is all tangled together, it will be donated.
  • Yes, jewelry is seasonal. When organizing your jewelry, please ask yourself these questions to determine which season something is appropriate for:
    • Would this bracelet be covered by a long sleeve?
    • Would these earrings get caught in a scarf?
    • Would this necklace sit properly on a thicker sweater?
    • Did I buy this item while on vacation somewhere warm (shell jewelry especially)?
    • Could I comfortably put a glove over this ring?
  • We appreciate any additional information you wish to provide us. This includes what type of stones were used, the designers name, and how much was paid for an item.
  • If your jewelry is not separated from your clothing and accessories, it will get done at the end of the season and depending on the volume of jewelry we have already received, it may either be pushed to the following season or donated.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

If you are bringing in sterling silver jewelry and don’t have a polishing cloth, you’ll just need a few simple ingredients. Line a bowl or dish with aluminum foil, or you can pick up an aluminum pan from the grocery/dollar store. Add a little dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda. Submerge the pieces and let them sit for 20 minutes. Once they’re done, wipe them down and let them dry.