Preparing Hats, Belts, & Scarves for Consignment

Hats, gloves/mitts, belts, and scarves are all considered accessories. Please group the with any other accessories (shoes and bags).
  • Hats, belts and scarves are considered accessories, please do not hang them in a garment bag. Organize them as you would shoes or bags (in a reusable bag that is secured).
  • Please wash and press scarves before bringing them in.
  • Take a moment to look over your scarves for any pulls and/or stains.
  • Please make sure belts are in good shape, i.e. not cracked or too worn.
  • When organizing hats, please make sure they are clean. Be sure to check inside for any discolouration from sweat.
  • Please make sure any summer hats are not discoloured from the sun.

General Care

We recommend washing any fabric hats (such as ball caps). This is especially important with any summer hats. When it comes to scarves, we understand many people cut the labels off, however this makes it difficult to price them accordingly. Knowing the make and and fabrication will help us price scarves more easily.