Preparing Bags for Consignment

Bags are considered accessories. Please group them with other accessories (shoes, belts, hats, and scarves).
  • Bags must be brought in a reusable bag, please do not put them in a garment bag.
  • Please wipe down all bags before bringing them in.
  • Please make sure the linings are clean.
  • Please look over the straps and make sure they are not cracked or fraying.
  • Make sure any additional straps are included.
  • Please check inside bags, including all pockets for any items you may have left in there.
  • Consider the seasonality of bags, for example can the strap fit over a coat? If not, it may be better suited for Spring/Summer.

Preparing Leather

If you are bringing in leather bags, we recommend investing in a few leather care products. Leather polish (in whatever colour you need) and mink oil can make leather pieces look brand new. The better condition your items are in, the higher we can price them.

Designer Bags

If you are bringing in any designer bags, such as Burberry, Tod’s, Gucci, etc., we appreciate any additional information you wish to provide. How much was paid for it, when and where it was purchased, and if it was part of a special collection. Even if you received it as a gift, the year you received it will help us to price it accordingly. Please keep in mind, if a bag is too worn, there is a limit to how high we can price it, regardless of the make. We recommend taking extra care when preparing designer bags.