Preparing Clothing for Consignment


      • All clothing must be hung on individual hangers. This includes shorts, tshirts, athleisure, and swim wear.
      • Once on hangers, clothing must be covered by a garment bag. You can put multiple pieces in one bag, so long as it can be closed properly.
      • Please do not use zip ties to keep hangers together. 
      • Please do not use safety pins to keep bottoms on wire hangers.
      • We are happy to provide any hangers and garment bags you may need. These must be picked up prior to drop off, clothing must arrive on hangers and in garment bags.
      • We do not return hangers and garment bags. If you don’t want to use your own, please come and pick some up before you drop off.
      • Before bringing in your items, please launder or dry clean everything. Even if you have only worn the item once. 
      • When cleaning your items, please take special care around the collars/necklines, and underarms. These are areas that often become discolored (especially light coloured items).
      • Please do not use scent beads when washing your items.
      • Please make sure there are no missing buttons, broken zippers, or rips in any of the items.
      • If you have pets, please go over all items with a lint roller or brush.
      • It’s difficult for us to accept items that have the tags cut out, so please keep this in mind when preparing your items.
      • Please include any belts, hoods, or any other pieces that were sold with the item when it was originally purchased.
      • Please check the pockets of all your items, especially coats.

General Care/Tips

When bringing in heavier knits, such as sweaters for Fall/Winter, we recommend getting a handheld de-piller. These can be purchased at places such as the dollar store, Winners, or on Amazon. Please also pay close attention to any cashmere items, as its common for them to have small holes.

If you are bringing in white clothing, please take extra care to look over them and make sure there are no stains. Underarms and around the neckline/collar are common areas for discoloration. We recommend using bleach or hydrogen peroxide when washing your whites.

Please only bring in items for the season that is being accepted. We have limited space, and will charge storage fees if consignors bring in an excess of out of season items. When determining what is appropriate, consider the fabric, materials, and colours. Try to also keep in mind if it's something that would typically be worn in that season. If it's something you wear all seasons, keep in mind that not everyone would. If you are ever unsure, please feel free to email or call the store and confirm.