How To Consign

We are currently not accepting any items for consignment.

The Clothes Secret has two take-in periods every year:
Spring and Summer – February 1 to April 15
Fall and Winter – August 1 to October 15

First-time consigners: The Clothes Secret accepts new consignors through email only. The week before take in begins, we ask you to email photos of the items you wish to consign. If you are looking to consign many items, we recommend starting with photos of your top 10 pieces. Photos are best taken in natural lighting, and any additional photos of special details (brand name, design, etc.) are welcome. The manager will look through the items, let you know if any of the items will be accepted, and will go through the next steps for consigning. Photos can be sent to, with the subject line “New Consignor Photos” with the corresponding season. We ask that you email us no earlier then one week before intake begins, as we do not start sorting through the emails before then. We receive a large volume of emails during each intake period, and it does take some time to go through them all, so please be patient and we will respond to your email as soon as we are able. Please note we only accept new consignors for the first three weeks of each intake period, after which point we will no longer respond to emails. If you have missed the window for new consignors, we kindly ask that you wait to email us until the next season.

Existing consignors: Existing consignors may drop off items any time within our in-take periods. We recommend reviewing your consignor contract before dropping off as we update our policies frequently. If you no longer have your contract we can provide you with another copy. Clothing must be hung on individual hangers and kept together in a garment bag, accessories (shoes, bags, scarves, etc.) must be in a recyclable bag, and jewelry in individual Ziploc bags. If you require hangers or garment bags, or would prefer not to use your own, we will be happy to provide you with as many as you need prior to a drop off. The Clothes Secret does not return items that are not accepted for consignment, and will be donated to one of our charities. Due to the volume of consignors, we do not contact consignors to inform them that we have not accepted items. If you would like to know ahead of time if we would accept an item, you can email a photo of it to with the subject line “Existing Consignor Photos” with the corresponding season. Please note any account that has been inactive for over two years will be deleted.