Become A Consignor

We are no longer accepting new consignors for this season.

The Clothes Secret has two take-in periods for new consignors every year:

Fall and Winter – August 1 - 18

Spring and Summer – January 22 - February 9

First-time consigners: Anyone interested in consigning with us will be asked to complete our New Consignors form online (please note the form will only be available when we are accepting new consignors). Once the form is completed the manager will determine whether your responses meet our criteria and will reach out to you with more information, and request photos of your items. Please carefully read the information below before filling out the form:

  1. You will receive 40% of the sale of each item.
  2. We do not return items that are not accepted for consignment.
  3. If you are traveling and will be unable to take photos of your items, please do not fill out the form until you return.
  4. We are a contemporary consignment store, meaning we do not accept items more than three years old.
  5. We do not accept bridal wear
  6. We do not accept items that are damaged in any way, so please take a moment to go through your items and make sure they are in good condition. 
  7. Due to limited space, we cannot accept items out of season, so please make sure the items you would like to bring in are appropriate for the season we are accepting for.
  8. It is difficult to sell items that have the labels cut out, so please keep this in mind as we may not accept items that have no distinguishable brand.
  9. If your responses on the form meet our criteria, you will be asked to email pictures of your items. Below are some examples of well taken pictures.